Keep On Top of Sales with Speedy Point of Sale Systems Designed for Takeout & Delivery Restaurants


With Toast Pizza POS, integrated online ordering, caller ID, takeout, and delivery will help your pizza sales skyrocket so you can spend more time baking mouthwatering pizzas.

Online Orders, Direct to Your Kitchen

With a custom, branded online ordering page for your pizzeria, your customers can place takeout and delivery orders... and you never have to pay commission fees. Plus, keep tabs on every delivery order with efficient driver routes and smart time estimates.

Pizza Inventory, Simplified 

Make valuable decisions about what ingredients to order based on food cost, variance, and menu engineering reports generated by Toast Inventory. Diagnose where your variances are — waste, overportioning, theft, burned food — and start improving processes with this data.

Your Hub for Customer Data

Know everything about your customers. Every single order in the pizza POS system - online or in-person - will be tracked. Know who visits the pizzeria most frequently, and who spends the most. Learn customers' specific pizza preferences, contact information, and the time since their last visit. 

Improve Your Pizzeria's Operations

Fill More Pizza Orders, Faster

Slice your payment process in half. Customize your pizza POS buttons, flip the tablet to face customers, and take more orders using a mobile handheld tablet in the line.

Make Changes to Your Pizza Menu Anytime

With Toast's flexible menu software, you can monitor and make changes to your online menu in seconds, from anywhere. Control which menu items are available for online ordering and have changes sync automatically.

Bake a Custom Pizza, Half Hawaiian and Half Pepperoni

Toast handles all toppings and modifiers. With a tap, easily add pineapple, pepperoni, and other modifiers to make a totally customizable pizza for your guests. 

Take Phone Orders Seamlessly

When a customer calls in to order pizza, Toast will automatically display their name, number, and past order history on your tablet. You’ll know right away if this guest is a regular with a favorite combo meal!

More Than a Slice of Your Pizzeria Data

Your Most Popular Toppings

Understand how your pizza sales are trending, including your most popular days and times. Identify the menu items and toppings that are driving revenue and those that are a drag on your bottom line.

Your Most Productive Drivers

See how your labor costs are translating into sales in real-time. Identify your most productive servers and delivery drivers by tracking their progress in real-time. Analyze average order time, average delivery time, and more.

Your Best Customers

With Toast CRM, get a holistic view of all customer data, collected from digital receipts and loyalty programs, and know exactly how much each customer spends. Then, reward them with your restaurant loyalty program.


  • Delivery Management

  • Gift Card Management

  • Online Ordering

  • Order Management

  • Separate Checks

  • Split Checks

  • Supports Loyalty Program

  • Table Management

  • Tips Management

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Toast Restaurant POS Customer Reviews

Toast is not only built for restaurants, it's built for restaurant owners. Hospitality is as baked into our customer service as it is yours.


But enough from us. Learn what real restaurant owners think about Toast.




Quickly serving customers, managing special orders, sending accurate information to the food prep staff and getting the order out the door requires the right tools.


Restaurant Manager features intuitive POS screens that are tailored to prompt staff through specific tasks quickly and accurately.


Takeout and Delivery Service covers all the bases that make your business so different from other restaurants – from caller ID and last order recall to fully integrated online ordering, driving directions and money drops.

Proven Solutions for Delivery & Carry-Out


  • Traditional Touchscreen POS

  • Server-based POS management and reporting

  • One-time upfront cost

  • Ideal for small, mid-sized, large restaurants, and regional chains

  • Table Service

  • Quick Service

  • Bar/Nightclub

  • Delivery & Carryout

  • On-site installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 support*

  • Custom programmed for your business by a Restaurant Manager authorized Dealer

  • Cutting-edge payment technology supports all major credit/debit cards (including PIN debit), tableside ordering, online reservations

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Whether employees are manning the phones, working the counter, preparing orders or expediting delivery, they
use intuitive POS screens tailored to prompt them through their specific job tasks quickly and accurately. Orders
are labeled with the customer’s name and phone number at the call station, labeled with the elapsed time at
the expediter station and labeled with an address and map code at the driver station. You can even filter orders
by station, by processing stages or by driver so it is easy to recall and edit orders. The “alarm” feature instantly
identifies all orders that aren’t prepared and out the door within a specific amount of time.

If pizza is what you deliver, you will appreciate Restaurant Manager’s unique approach that lets you go with the
customer’s flow. No matter how they place the order – split pies or frequently changing their minds – it is all on
one interactive screen: crust, size, toppings and specialty or combo deals.

Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering and advance ordering capabilities allow you to take orders
at any time. Whether a customer places the order in the morning for a dinner delivery or orders in May to arrange
a delivery in early July, the system will store and automatically send the order to the food prep area guaranteeing a
timely delivery.

The built-in customer database allows you to track customers with details on everything from driving directions to
birthdays and email addresses. You can recall their last order, include them in special frequent buyer programs or
print labels for a special mailing to customers who have not been in for over three months.


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